Environmental Mold Detox West Palm Beach, FL
Environmental Mold Detox West Palm Beach, FL

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Not sure if you have mold or water damage in your house? If you would like to find out for sure, you should contact Environmental Mold Detox today. Our team of highly certified professionals is licensed by the state of Florida to conduct inspections for mold or mold removal. Learn More. 


Environmental Mold Detox will provide mold clean-ups after storms, leaks and humidity. Plus, we will perform a proper inspection of your home as licensed by the state of Florida. Our inspectors will inspect your home with a moisture meter and determine if mold is present in your home or not. If mold is found on your premises, we will find the cause of it and generate an assessment report for you to give to a remediation company who will remove the mold for you.


As per law in the state of Florida, we cannot remove mold if we are the company that tests your property for it. If you would like a recommendation of other mold removal companies in the area, please contact us for a reference today.

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