Environmental Mold Detox West Palm Beach, FL
Environmental Mold Detox West Palm Beach, FL

Air Purification & Air Tests

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Appropriate measurements can be used to determine MOISTURE, and lab results determine if your home is of NORMAL OR ELEVATED FUNGAL ECOLOGY.

Air Quality Test

These samples collect air born mold spores, pollen, fibers and other particulates.

Samples For Bacteria Testing

The sample may be taken from any kind of surface (wet/dry) suspected of bacterial contamination. Surface samples for bacteria testing may also be collected to assess the efficacy of antimicrobial agents.

Mold Tape Slide

Used for surface sampling of visible mold.

Air Samples For Bacteria Testing

This test reveals if the air is contaminated with types of bacteria that are of healthy concern.


Swabs are very useful on hard-to-reach places such as crevices. Both mold and bacteria can be tested by culture methods from a single swab, ideal for testing the level of contamination on surfaces.


Utilizing air purification, air filtration and surface sanitization solutions to rid your home of pollutants and elevated mold spores.  Our air purification equipment features the latest in PCO advancements with the award winning Multi-Cluster Ion technology and we recommend, sell and use only “Green & Biodegradable"  cleaners and biocides.


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